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Meadow Pointe III Street Tree Replacement Plan

The CDD is focusing on a Street Tree Replacement plan is set to start on or around April 11.  What does this mean? All of the oak trees from the “easement” this is the grassy area between the sidewalk and the street will be removed.

The first phase will start in Wrencrest and Ammanford villages. You will see three trucks, going down your street caravan style. The first truck is the people who limb and cut down the tree, put the trunk and larger pieces in the truck. Truck number two is the chipper, the rest of the tree is put in. Truck number three is the cleanup with sweepers and blowers cleaning up the sawdust and small limbs.

Within 7-10 days a stump grinder will be by, to grind and clean the area. Please have any cement tree rings, or stones removed or the contractor will remove it permanently. Then you will see replacement sod being installed where your tree use to be. Approximately a week later your new tree may or not be planted depending on the arborist and landscape architects plans. You may see these plans at the Meadow Pointe III Clubhouse at any time.

Please be extra careful driving as there will be numerous people and machines working on this project.

Replacement Plan Files

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